Take On Something That You Fear And Overcome It  This may require small steps initially. The impact on your confidence will be amazing. The first thing to do with a fear that is holding you back is to address what it is.  Well, you say I already know what it is and I don’t like Read More

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With various influences by others in our lives the sub conscious forms a collection of attitudes, perceptions, and opinions about how we should relate to our world.  What can we expect from ourselves, level of achievements, etc? There then develops consistent messages of acceptance and rejection of the information presented by our experiences that support Read More

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In Martial Arts at Jeff Ellis Karate, we focus on Belief in Self! Here is an excerpt from my book “Breaking Through Barriers!”… “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt Undoubtedly, the topic of belief in self is a critical component in defining a healthy, enjoyable, and prosperous life for Read More

As adults, it is easy to forget how we developed our social skills and how well we got along with others to influence outcomes and build healthy, positive relationships. Developing social skills is actually not very far from developing cognitive skills or physical capabilities. Improving mental and physical strength can be achieved with constant practice, Read More