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Belief in Self – How Martial Arts Makes a Difference…

In Martial Arts at Jeff Ellis Karate, we focus on Belief in Self!

Here is an excerpt from my book “Breaking Through Barriers!”…

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Undoubtedly, the topic of belief in self is a critical component in defining a healthy, enjoyable, and prosperous life for you.
How you see yourself will in fact be a deciding factor of what and all you will accomplish.
There are so many variables that influence how you see yourself as well as the value you place upon who you really are.
Too often people sacrifice or become willing to accept less than what they really want out an experience or life in general because they have heard the word no, that they cannot do something, are not good enough, big enough, not smart enough, do not have the ability to stated by others.  Sometimes it comes from parents, teachers, coaches, friends’ relatives, and the list goes on.
I see it all the time with children and adults in my martial arts classes and with how parents interact with their children.
Growing up children hear and see conflicting information  On one side they are told how perfect and beautiful they are as infants, toddlers and as time goes on.  Later, feedback depending upon source may be restricting or less than encouraging that introduces the concept of doubt.  Sometimes a parent or significant person in our life may think they are just helping us not get hurt; protect us from a negative experience.  Their intentions usually are in the right spot however sometimes the over protective actions can contribute to a questioning of ourselves and abilities.

Our experiences and those we relate to growing up contribute significantly to how we see ourselves and the level of self confidence is directly impacted by the culmination of all this naturally.
With all of the inconsistency it is no surprise that so many people young and old suffer from a low level of self-confidence and as a consequence a less than adequate belief in self.
The outcome as a result is lower standards of what one can achieve.  Commonly individuals that lack self-confidence will set their sights much lower with goals and aspirations leading to a diminished sense of satisfaction and overall happiness.  Their mantra is better safe than sorry.   This type sets the bar and expectations either too easy so as not to fail or out of fear of failure will not seek at all.  They are more interested in the safe and easy than engaging a more robust experience that does carry some risk of possible failure or setback.
What a shame to go through life and not take advantage of the true abundance that awaits us.
The fact is that you do have enormous abilities far beyond your imagination or anyone else’s too for that matter.  Truth be told you have amazing qualities that you do not even know about that offer limitless potential.
It’s all their waiting for you and what you accomplish and attain is a product of your self- belief system.
When evaluating your self belief system first take a look at what goes into your brain by the kind of messages that you send.   What kind of conversations do you have with yourself?  If negative strikes a cord especially when you have made a mistake or something is not going as planned or anticipated.
It is said by many professionals that your view of yourself is a product of your subconscious mind.  The question becomes what type of information is recorded and continually plays back that is determining in great part how and what you think you can accomplish.  So what messages are you telling yourself that you are aware of and subliminally.
Let You not be a barrier to your own personal development and successes that in essence define who you are. Reprogram that sub conscious because your self beliefs will govern your behavior.
Remember your belief structure is a by product of growing up as a small child and early years.  It continued shaping as a teenager to form your inside core of beliefs about yourself and your world you relate to.  In many ways we take on the beliefs, attitudes, and values from those who we were around mostly as a child.  Hopefully they were good ones.  Over time other influences take hold by the contact we made with persons like teachers, coaches, relatives that spent a lot of time with us.

So how do we build this at Martial Arts at Jeff Ellis Karate?

Come on in and find out!

Shihan Jeff Ellis

9th Degree Black Belt

Jeff Ellis Karate – Helping Children Build Self-Confidence, Discipline, Respect, and Leadership for over 45 Years!



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