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Tips To Multiply Your Positive Belief in Self Continue…

Take On Something That You Fear And Overcome It 

This may require small steps initially. The impact on your confidence will be amazing.

The first thing to do with a fear that is holding you back is to address what it is.  Well, you say I already know what it is and I don’t like it so leave me alone right?  Look at it this way, approaching your fear is not much different than that of any objective to accomplish.   You need to know what you are supposed to know, know it well through preparation, study, repetition- if you are say trying to be a better golfer particularly with putting you have to practice.

Write down a little history about the fear. What is it?   When did it start?  What factors led up to the occurrence.  It may be that this seems elementary and what’s the point, however as you go through this exercise you will note that as you are acknowledging this fear that holds you back from moving forward with a dream or goal you are on the road to owning it.  When you take ownership you are coming closer to knowing more clearly about the fear thereby one step closer to overcoming the fear.

For some this may cause some unwanted emotions to surface.  As uncomfortable as it may, be let it come to the surface.

Give your fear a name. 

Define items like when does it occur. Are there certain triggers that set it off?  Are they in your control?

What happens when the fear appears: anxiety, sweaty palms, chest tightens, can’t get out of bed, etc.

Once you have analyzed your fear and have its history and individual components about it including how it impacts you, now start overcoming this fear.

Desensitization. Sometimes it can be as easy as taking small steps toward the fear or touching, feeling the fear in tiny increments.

This happened to me with eating Sushi.  The thought of eating raw fish not only was disgusting but I was afraid I would get some sort of poisoning.  There was no way I was going to go near it let alone eat it.

A friend introduced me to California roll that actually is cooked. That seemed harmless in my eyes. I was  so so about it at first try.  On the second time I was alittle familiar with the taste and I actually enjoyed it.  As time went on I tried cucumber not fish but something different, then tuna, after all what was the big deal about tuna? Right?  So, over some time probably a year or so I began trying other kind of sushi and now really enjoy it.

It may be by taking small steps toward the fear you become more comfortable and come to realize that the fear that seemed outrageous in the beginning is actually no big deal once we really get to know it.

Take it head on  There are circumstances that lend to a direct approach especially if the fear is of immediate threat to you or someone you care about.  If there were a fire in your home and you were on a second floor you may not have a choice but to jump out the window even though you have a fear of heights or fear of falling that stems from a childhood experience falling off your bike.

It may be you have fear of speaking to a superior in your office about an ad deadline as he is intimidating to you or you may have experienced a confrontation in the past.  Your immediate supervisor is expecting a finished piece before days end and requires that you address the task with this person.

What are you going to do? Quit your job? Oh, I did not mention there is no one else than can do this for you.  Looks like the answer is doing it own your own and just do it.  Prepare first by knowing exactly what the task is, identify the goal, what problems or obstacles are there if any, steps to overcome them, and expected outcome.   Write a script, practice saying the script over and over and over again.  List any and all expected and possible responses from this individual and your replies.  Expect the unexpected so be flexible.

When you go to his office your hands may shake, be sweaty but the end result is you will have presented your materials, faced the music and while you may have hated every second of it you handled it and the next time and their will most likely be a next time you will handle yet. May not and probably not enjoy it and in the process create more confidence and raise your self-respect in the process.

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Jeff Ellis has taught over 10,000 people that include children and adults of all ages in martial arts training.  Beginning as a teenager Jeff’s experience spans more than 50 years with martial arts personally.

Graduated from Baldwin –Wallace University with a major in Psychology.

Currently, a 9th degree Black Belt and a Grandmaster Instructor in Kwanmukan Martial Arts.  Using martial arts as a catapult to overcome difficulties and challenges that caused him to fail repeatedly as a child, Jeff has taken the secrets he has discovered that literally transformed his life to become a successful leader, serial entrepreneur in retail, real estate, event promoter, professional motivational speaker & author.

Jeff is on a mission to spread news to others about how they can learn to become the valuable person they want to be by believing in themselves and developing the right tools to break through the barriers that hold you back.

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