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“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

 Not to be subdued; untamable; invincible; as, an indomitable will, courage

It’s that inner feeling that you have that can be developed with the right mindset.  This quality is sure to be present in anyone with strong character,

Indominatable Spirit is simple that energy we all need to overcome difficult situations, tasks.

Being resolute unflagging and unconquerable despite odds stacked against you.

Think of the person who climbs mountains of great heights.  Certainly put in circumstances that can be not only difficult but potentially hazardless to his health.  One wrong move could result in a long fall leading to a fatal tragedy.

In this arena there are many elements that could contribute to failure.  : Distractions from noises of the birds flying around, the wind howling and creating a dangerous challenge to hold on.  What about moisture from a crack in a bolder that makes it slippery and difficult to hold on?  Certainly to get to the top of the tall mountain successfully requires a steadfast, unstoppable Indominatable spirit and not give up

How does a person get indominitable spirit?  I believe you have to find that store of energy and help it rise up.

If you really think about it, there have been times in your life up to now that required some degree of indomitable spirit.

Clearly, being able to develop the quality of indomitable spirit will garnish you with greatness when you apply it toward valuable tasks.

For me, I believe one example of raising this energy in my life was after taking martial arts classes for some time while in high school I made a decision to do something that not only were the cards stacked against me but also the comments by others too.

You see I, as a young person, lacked any direction.  I lost my father at an early age and did not have anyone standing in my corner.   My mother did her best however, as a result of poor study habits and a desire to do well in my education I barely graduated.

So as I approached my senior year of high school the thought of furthering my education did not even register as an idea.

Given that my guidance counselor needed to speak to my art/drama teacher to persuade him to give me a D so I could graduate helps give perspective.  I still can recall the conversation he had with me in the auditorium prior to a class toward the end of the last semester before school was to finish. I am not certain if he had been looking for a thank you for saving me or helping to establish a sense of embarrassment on my part.  It did reinforce where exactly I was.  No where.

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life if and when I would graduate and further education and going to college were not on the top of any list if I had one which I did not.

Fortunately, as I progressed in my martial arts training I gained a much different outlook about myself and about my world.

Through the trials and errors of developing the techniques as I progressed in my belt advancement I discovered a whole another world that was out there.

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Jeff Ellis has taught over 10,000 people that include children and adults of all ages in martial arts training.  Beginning as a teenager Jeff’s experience spans more than 50 years with martial arts personally.

Graduated from Baldwin –Wallace University with a major in Psychology.

Currently, a 9th degree Black Belt and a Grandmaster Instructor in Kwanmukan Martial Arts.  Using martial arts as a catapult to overcome difficulties and challenges that caused him to fail repeatedly as a child, Jeff has taken the secrets he has discovered that literally transformed his life to become a successful leader, serial entrepreneur in retail, real estate, event promoter, professional motivational speaker & author.

Jeff is on a mission to spread news to others about how they can learn to become the valuable person they want to be by believing in themselves and developing the right tools to break through the barriers that hold you back.

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