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Jeff EllisThere were a multitude of light bulbs that began to light up for me in my head as I continued my martial arts training.  I had found something that I was now taking pride in and on my own without anyone else’s help.  I do not mean my instructors as they played an invaluable part of the equation. Nor do I mean the person who I will always be indebted to for nearly forcefully, almost putting me in the car and making me go to my first lesson, my cousin Mickey.  It was his insight and persistence that created the most influential decision that I ever made that has shaped my life for the better and contributed greatly to the person who I am today.

As many of my friends were taking steps to get ready to apply to colleges I had not done anything but occasionally wonder what I was going to do after graduation –that is if I graduated.

I remember during the summer after graduation there was a lot of buzz about who was doing what in the fall among a group of people that hung out together on those summer nights.

It was now that I needed to make up my mind.  It was not procrastination that placed me in this wait until the last moment kind of situation with what happens next.  It really was up to that point that I could not imagine anything beyond well, maybe I could get some kind of job- doing what?  I definitely did not have any skill outside of the skill of not applying myself.

All that changed with my training in martial arts. It literally helped open my eyes to whom I was and allowed me to actually see that there possibilities out there in the real world waiting for me to explore.

Through my training experience a variety of qualities began to unfold for me and one of those was an unstoppable frame of reference.  A sense of direction came out of no where and despite other people like my guidance counselor at school; my family all said I was not college material.  I still can picture the conversation my mother had with me in the kitchen of our home when she said point blank very sternly “you could never go to college” that summer.

Well, one of those light bulbs flashed on at that moment it was like a big flood light going off in my head.  I don’t believe I said anything out loud to her or anyone else.  Inside a great sense of energy raised up and from that moment I said to myself I am going to do something with myself and I am going to start by going to college… period.

This was a beginning of my first episode of utilizing indomitable spirit in my life.  That force needed to be cultivated and my martial arts helped me with that.  To that end, I relied on indomitable spirit a variety of times while going to college and graduating from a respected private liberal arts college.

Since that memorable experience that impacted my life I have relied on the use of indomitable spirit countless times to push through tough times, challenges, and gaining that extra push or verve required to tackle and accomplish an important goal.

How To Develop Indomitable Spirit

  1. First, by knowing clearly what you believe in and are willing to stand up for these principles. When you look into the mirror see beyond your physical presence. Who and what is the person you are and what is it you represent.  One way to figure this out is to imagine how you want to be thought of by others that you respect that know you.
  2. 2. Next identify one goal or purpose that you feel strongly about. Become fired up inside with an absolute sense of determination to do something about it. It could be a cause or need like doing a food drive to help those less fortunate in your community.

As you accomplish one task that was at first seemingly difficult move on to greater goals and you will see that each time that you successfully overcome the challenges that you are faced with in any situation worthwhile achieving as there are always road blocks, you will be become stronger and that rising spirit will grow, develop and son you will be on your way to overcoming the barriers that stand before you with any endeavor despite their first appearance of being impossible to overcome.

3 Get out of your comfort level.

Everyone likes the feeling of being secure, safe out of harms way.  Certainly the notion of self preservation stands from the beginning of time.  We like feeling safe in our space and comfortable too.

The difficulty for really being able to achieve great levels of success is being able to extend our comfortable boundaries.  You no doubt have heard the phrase get out of your comfort zone.  By pushing yourself and allowing others that support your mission and success beyond what feels just ok or satisfied with you will enjoy substantially higher levels of success and thereby greater satisfaction.

If your dream and passion happens to be helping others imagine by extending yourself just how much more you will be able to achieve and giving others much more.

How to get out of your comfort level:  Challenge yourself with goals

Identify something somewhat easy first.  Now add 10% more to the goal than you originally considered.

Give a time deadline to achieve it.  If it is reading books that are of interest to you or helpful like a motivational books figure how many chapters in the book and set a goal of reading so many pages or chapters a day.

  1. Identify a few key objectives that will fulfill a dream or goal. Consider reaching a little further than you first imagine.  Bounce the idea off a friend or colleague.  If A is possible could B be possible as well and can B bring about greater levels of success.

Join something or participate in something i.e.” running a race, or joining a certain class that will be challenge for you.


“The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.” ~  Dale Carnegie

See How Jeff Ellis’ International Karate Centers In Strongsville & Avon Lake Can Improve Your Self-Confidence And Belief In Self.  Call Us Today At 440 202-9848.

Jeff Ellis has taught over 10,000 people that include children and adults of all ages in martial arts training.  Beginning as a teenager Jeff’s experience spans more than 50 years with martial arts personally.

Graduated from Baldwin –Wallace University with a major in Psychology.

Currently, a 9th degree Black Belt and a Grandmaster Instructor in Kwanmukan Martial Arts.  Using martial arts as a catapult to overcome difficulties and challenges that caused him to fail repeatedly as a child, Jeff has taken the secrets he has discovered that literally transformed his life to become a successful leader, serial entrepreneur in retail, real estate, event promoter, professional motivational speaker & author.

Jeff is on a mission to spread news to others about how they can learn to become the valuable person they want to be by believing in themselves and developing the right tools to break through the barriers that hold you back

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