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Richard G.

I couldn't be more pleased with my decision to enroll my daughter in your school. I have seen an increase in her physical strength and agility and she is showing improvement in her studies as well. The school has helped enforce the importance of commitment, showing concern for others & taking pride in accomplishments.

Lori Shannon

My son's self-esteem has been boosted; his confidence and his grades have improved. He also has a greater respect for others through the help and guidance of Shihan Ellis. There are many karate schools out there but I feel that the International Karate Center' instructors' knowledge and professionalism is unsurpassed.

Carloe O'Toole

My daughter Erin enjoyed your karate class at St. Joseph for two years. I was reading in the paper today about a girl's self defense class that you are offering at the AL library. It said that you are asking for a donation of a canned food item as the price of admission. May I please give you a big thank you for what you provide to our community. In this time of people asking for payment for every little thing, you go and give your time and wonderful, life saving information to children in our community for free. Thank you for what you do.

Renee Wilczewski

My husband and I first considered karate for our son Adam because of a recommendation make by Adam's pediatrician. The doctor recommended karate as a good activity for Adam to help maintain weight and provide good exercise. We had visited another martial arts school in the area but after attending a friend's birthday party at International Karate Centers, Adam was very interested in continuing with karate and the patient caring atmosphere was so much better at IKC so we enrolled him there. We have noticed that Adam has more self-discipline and respect for others. He enjoys earning tips on his belt and then advancing to the next belt. We knew very little about karate and have enjoyed watching Adam's progress. The program has turned out to be a great fit for Adam. Unlike seasonal sports, it keeps him active year round. Thanks to you and the staff at IKC for a great experience

Dan Cricks

I talked with a pharmacist who has a young son and he said it's scary to see the amount of drugs that are being prescribed for kids today. I know what a difference your program made for my grandson Nicholas. Anyone who has a concern about ADHD should consider your program at Jeff Ellis’ International Karate Centers to see if it could help vs. drugs. Not only that, I'm amazed at how much better Nicholas is able to focus, even when some of the kids around him aren't”. Nicholas at the award ceremonies at Jeff Ellis' International Karate Center in Strongsville receives the Perseverance award!!! Shihan Jeff runs a great program, it's meant a lot for Nicholas to be a part of it. Nicholas often mentions that he needs to "focus" which is what he's learned from Jeff.

Heidi Fravel

I am writing to describe the positive impact Jeff Ellis’ International Karate Centers has had on our son Samuel. Weekly Sam is shown the systematic use of Karate while improving his overall physical fitness. But our surprise he has gained so much more. To begin with the class has weekly “small life lessons” that focus on respect for self, others and the greater community. We have also seen a marked improvement in Sam’s focus on school work; control in church setting and personal conversations; being able to express himself with words instead of his hands. We are delighted by this emerging maturity and attribute a great deal of this to his experience within the dojo. These lessons of self-control, concentration on the task at hand and respect for others and community have subtly connected the many values we strive to uphold in our family life. We have definitely gained more than expected when we enrolled our son. Our hope is for many more children to emerge from Jeff Ellis’ International Karate Centers as well rounded self-assured individuals. Well Done!

Michael Staniszewski

I would like to personally thank you for 3 years of exceptional teaching and leadership you gave my son Ryan at International Karate Centers in Strongsville. In addition, your staff needs to also be commended for their skills and teaching. I feel you have a fine school that teaches excellent values to the students. Since Ryan first started at your center I have seen noticeable improvement in his discipline, confidence, and self-esteem. These attributes have also been noticed by friends, neighbors and teachers. Thank you again and best wishes to you and your family!

Dave Ruben

We wanted to enroll our son into a program that would benefit him is discipline, respect, self-esteem and would be fun also. This program exceeded our expectations

Michael Norris

Alex has benefited in numerous ways from training at International Karate Centers. We are pleased to see Alex’s confidence grow, his behavior improve as well as his attitude. Alex is more focused [helps with homework], listens better and is overall better behaved since he started karate training at IKC. The entire experience has been extremely positive.