We definitely gained more than expected

Heidi Fravel

I am writing to describe the positive impact Jeff Ellis’ International Karate Centers has had on our son Samuel. Weekly Sam is shown the systematic use of Karate while improving his overall physical fitness. But our surprise he has gained so much more. To begin with the class has weekly “small life lessons” that focus on respect for self, others and the greater community. We have also seen a marked improvement in Sam’s focus on school work; control in church setting and personal conversations; being able to express himself with words instead of his hands. We are delighted by this emerging maturity and attribute a great deal of this to his experience within the dojo. These lessons of self-control, concentration on the task at hand and respect for others and community have subtly connected the many values we strive to uphold in our family life. We have definitely gained more than expected when we enrolled our son. Our hope is for many more children to emerge from Jeff Ellis’ International Karate Centers as well rounded self-assured individuals. Well Done!