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More About Belief In Self And How Martial Arts Can Help

With various influences by others in our lives the sub conscious forms a collection of attitudes, perceptions, and opinions about how we should relate to our world.  What can we expect from ourselves, level of achievements, etc?

There then develops consistent messages of acceptance and rejection of the information presented by our experiences that support this core belief system by our sub conscious mind.

Those ideals that are consistent are accepted as real and those that fall out of that schema base are discarded.

To alter your sub conscious recorder you simply need to re-record new messages and tell it what you want.  It won’t entirely delete negative information unless you fill it with positive input and what you think and behave reinforce that model.   Tell your sub conscious what to do and then let it go and not obsess over the idea.   If you spend too much energy trying to force the idea into your subconscious you will be in effect putting the recorder on pause.  It is like when you are trying to recall something such as somebody’s name and it is at the “tip of your tongue” phenomenon.  The harder you try to remember the worst it is to remember.  Then, after you relax and let it go your sub conscious kicks in and you instantly recall the name you were seeking to remember.

Once you program your sub conscious with a message try not to force the issue.  Maintain similar actions and reinforcing thoughts that are consistent with your overall desire of change or improvement.

I had the privilege to have a dad that brought his two sons into the dojo to talk about trying out classes.  This was during the time the ninja turtles had become a phenomenon.  One son was about 7 or 8 and the other a few years older.  Initially, the dad was inquiring for just his sons.  He expressed no interest in trying it himself.

After some discussion regarding each child’s current interests and area’s of personal development that each child could use some help with we spoke about the value for a parent to take classes with their children too.

At first there was a little push back resistance.  Some adults are apprehensive about learning martial arts for a variety of reasons.  There may not be any interest at all, dead, set against doing anything that involves exercise, often it has to do with fear of the unknown or “ I don’t think I can do this well” “people will laugh at me”, “I won’t be any good”, etc.

Sounds like a typical child right?  Aren’t adults kids in bigger bodies?

As it turned out George- the dad after some discussion agreed that taking class with his sons could have valuable consequences for their family.

After all being act fully engaged with something your child is interested in is a perfect way to support them.  Secondly, my experience has shown me that children whose parents are also taking class will have better staying ability. It provides a great buddy system of support so the kids have better retention and a source of motivation to keep plugging along.  They also experience a boost from the fact that “gee my mom or dad- sometimes both think this is so cool they are doing it too!”

Additionally, I mentioned to the dad that he will be surprised of how he will personally gain in addition to the bonding opportunity with his sons.  A great workout, increase flexibility, reduce stress, and learn valuable skills to stay safe.

Now, his occupation is in the medial field as a doctor so he agreed the described outcome of participating would be beneficial.

Being an accomplished individual in his field with a successful practice I was grateful for his candor reply one day after about a year or so of training with me.  We were having a discussion about how things have been going, what his two sons were enjoying about their involvement in the martial arts classes. I asked so “ George how has the martial arts practice been going for you, what do you think you have gained so far?  His reply,” Confidence!”  So I went on in what way has your self-confidence grown?.

“Well, he said I see it especially in how I interact with patients, staff in my practice.  I am more confident speaking to others”.  He went on that he sometimes used to feel uncomfortable and insecure when having to talk with others like patients.

Many people might be surprised to know that a person of his stature could be insecure or not sure of himself.

You see most individuals whether a child or an adult can realize value in a stronger sense of confidence even as a very well educated and a successful individual already.

Tip On How To raise Your Belief In Self

   Take full responsibility for what takes place that you do rather than placing blame on others. No excuses. 

When you blame others for your short falling or make excuses like “if Joe had not interfered I would have…” you are setting yourself up for failure. It is though you are dependent upon others for your success.  True, there may be others that contribute to your efforts like an employee, however when it comes to your accomplishments and your life –you are in the drivers seat.

This also means that you have the steering wheel and controls so you can accelerate or put on the brakes as you see fit.  Knowing that you are an independent source that has the control to put your life where you want it to be is very empowering.

With each decision you make evaluate the outcome and take an objective view point with what you came away with.  No doubt with most courses of action that you took there were both instances that were in your total control and some that may have not been in your control.  For future reference acknowledge both and use the information for your next endeavor. Save the positive items that you had control of and remove those that you chose that provide either no gain or were of a negative result.  Make note of the things that were beyond your control and make every effort to remove those items that did not contribute in a positive way.

Main take away is you have the power of choice.  By taking full responsibility for what you do or not do you’re confidence will grow exponentially.

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Jeff Ellis has taught over 10,000 people that include children and adults of all ages in martial arts training.  Beginning as a teenager Jeff’s experience spans more than 50 years with martial arts personally.

Graduated from Baldwin –Wallace University with a major in Psychology.

Currently, a 9th degree Black Belt and a Grandmaster Instructor in Kwanmukan Martial Arts.  Using martial arts as a catapult to overcome difficulties and challenges that caused him to fail repeatedly as a child, Jeff has taken the secrets he has discovered that literally transformed his life to become a successful leader, serial entrepreneur in retail, real estate, event promoter, professional motivational speaker & author.

Jeff is on a mission to spread news to others about how they can learn to become the valuable person they want to be by believing in themselves and developing the right tools to break through the barriers that hold you back.


How Karate Develops Courtesy in Kids

Although a fair amount of mayhem and lack of unity might be apparent in some karate class segments – particularly with very young children – the practice of karate is far more than fighting, shouting, and jumping around! Martial arts gradually make kids self-disciplined and self- confident. Consistent training in a quality karate for kids program makes a habit of respect and courtesy for their teachers, classmates, and elders. During the training children are taught to address their seniors respectfully. They are taught a positive attitude towards life which increases their sense of responsibility. Karate training makes children confident as it teaches the self- control and self-esteem which increases their sense of self-worth – and affects how others view them as individuals.

Karate and discipline

The rigorous training and practice that is involved in various martial art styles instills values
of honesty and hard work among children, adolescents, and teens. As children interact in close quarters, they steadily learn from classmates how to improve their moves along with their speech and behavior. They learn the necessity of rules and importance of making loyal, honorable choices in every sphere of life, which helps with their self-discipline too.

In free sparring practice, students develop the power to concentrate, anticipate, and even influence their opponents’ moves to avoid being “hit” or “scored upon” – then respond with a swift, well-rehearsed counter-attack. A quality karate for kids program helps students of all ages develop the power to think quickly to achieve victory, to shut out distractions, and to concentrate on work at hand for longer periods of time.

Karate and courtesy

By learning to show courtesy and respect for their teachers and classmates, children learn
to appreciate abilities of each other and hone their personal skills. This develops a sense of cooperative learning and kind consideration for each other. The simple acts of bowing to teachers and training partners, raising a hand to speak, holding a particular stance until instructed to move, and so on develops an awareness that spawns courteous and respectful behavior, which oftentimes is returned. Respect, gratitude, humility, and duty are moral concepts and values central to the philosophies of certain traditional martial art forms.
Karate and personality

Children and adults learning karate are advised to follow a healthy, balanced diet to help them meet personal physical goals for health and well-being. The training programs are a mix of fun and learning, with a seemingly endless supply knowledge and proficiency to acquire, which keeps the interest and motivation for progress thriving. With a little practice, most students become accomplished both physically and mentally in diverse ways and “personal victories.” Karate enhances balance and control over posture, body language, and body movements. It has the capability of improving the self-image, the outlook, and the personality of an individual which often leads to new paths of opportunity and growth.

Children who learn karate from a young age become leaders over a period of time as their self- confidence and proficiency grows. In time they show readiness to take on responsibility and their off to the races! A firm foundation in respect and courtesy is a magnificent starting point and touchstone for all people everywhere.