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                      We have plan a GREAT camp for 2012!
                                    Sign up your child today!              

If you are looking for a summer experience that will expand your child’s physical abilities & personal development growth the IKC Summer Day camp is the place to be!
2 Weeks of Total Fun & Enrichment
That Will Make A Positive Impact On Your Child This Summer… Guaranteed!!
For Boys & Girls ages 6-12 Limited Openings!
9:00am-4:00pm Monday –Friday
No Experience Needed

Week 1 June 25-29th Theme: Reaching New Heights
Achieve higher degrees of Success with KICKS and build a terrific sense of achievement= CONFIDENCE BOOSTER & Much Much More**
Build Your Own Rocket Ship That Can Launch!! How Cool Is That!
Week 2 July 23rd-July 27th Theme: Learned Leadership
Learn necessary qualities that all Great leaders use! How To Overcome Obstacles… Experience the Extreme Obstacle Maze!! What A Blast
Special Guest Speakers! Topics included in BOTH weeks theme are designed to increase Maturity, Raise Personal Expectations. Become Better at Martial Arts and in Life!!
Save your Spot Now!! Earl Bird Sign Up & Save $$ Ends 4/15/12

Jeff Ellis' International Karate Centers, Strongsville Dojo, offers during the summer months an exciting and unique Martial Arts Summer Day Camp to children ages 6 to 12.  The Martial Arts Summer Camp is a 2 week program that you can sign up your child to come to BOTH weeks or just one! 

The Martial Arts Summer Day Camp provides the opportunity to reach young people in the same like manner as any of our programs through providing students the same martial arts training and character building skills that we are known to do so well.  However the Martial Arts Summer Day Camp provides intense concentrated study in martial arts through daily lessons to highlight martial arts skills learned and blending those learned skills into other areas of life to create balance and harmony.  The results of this mini  "boot camp" are life long improvements in vital character developmental skills.

While providing an action packed experience through the martial arts, each student will gain skills for safety, stranger danger lessons, self-protection skills, physical conditioning, and goal setting i.e. through achieving belt rank levels.  More than just an activity, karate gives children (and adults) the chance to explore their innate powers. They'll marvel as they increase in strength, flexibility endurance, balance, and harmony. Yet this is only the start.    The Martial Arts Summer Day Camp provides the following benefits for children:
     * structure
     * discipline
     * physical activities
     * respect
     * appreciation, and
     * character building martial arts classes
all under the guidance of 8th Dan Black Belt and Master Instructor Shihan Jeff Ellis