Instructor Name:Jeffrey Ellis, Shihan

Master Instructor


Other Information:

Jeff Ellis' educational expertise sets him apart from other instructors.  As a black belt instructor with over thirty five years professional teaching experience, Ellis' sensitive, low-key approach is packed with positive reinforcement.


In keeping with traditional martial arts instruction, Shihan Ellis' quest for physical mastery has gone hand in hand with his pursuit of intellectual excellence.  His achievements are many:

  • Internationally Certified 8th Dan Black Belt World Union of Karate-do Organizations
  • Certified 7th Dan Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do
  • Certified 6th Dan Chinese Martial Arts
  • Certified 7th Dan Aiki Jujitsu -- US Jujitsu Federation
  • Certified 2nd Dan Judo -- US Judo Association